Full Hair and Make-up Course - R13 500.00
Includes basic hair and make-up kit. | Duration - 3 Months

• Types of hair
• Product knowledge
• Blow drying
• Straightening
• Curling with straightener
• Curling with tongs
• Curling with hot rollers
• Teasing
• Plaiting
• Bridal hair styling
• Fashion hair styling
• Adding Accessories
• Skin Care- Treatments / Benefits / Skin Functions, Types of Skin and products to use
• Face Shapes
• Colour Theory: Understanding colour, mixing colours for warm & cool tones, makeup classification for warm & cool tones, characteristics of warm & cool tones and more.
• Skin preparation
• Concealing (different types and when to use them)
• Contouring
• Corrective Make-up
• Foundation (Different types and when to use them)
• Powder
• Rouge
• Eyeshadow(Different styles)
• Eye shapes
• Eyebrows
• Mascara
• Eyeliners (pencil vs liquid)
• Lip shapes
• Lip products
• Using dramatic and fantasy makeup styles to create high fashion looks
• Working with various complexions
• Enhancing eyes and lips with complementary colors
• Understanding various colors and textures
• Product knowledge
• Make-up for all skin types and colours
• Make-up for all occasions.
• Sanitization steps for makeup tools.
• The Business Side of Cosmetics: The Internet and makeup, freelancing, starting you own business, business cards, contracts, finding a job as a makeup artist. Promotion & Marketing.

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